does it fold? by David Scher

does it fold? accompanies a series of events held at The Drawing Center, NYC, in September, 2017. These were nightly poetry readings, film screenings, and musical performances in dialogue with a pop-up exhibition of David Scher’s sketchbooks and musical scores. Scher has created more than 1200 sketchbooks filled with landscapes, figures, and follies over nearly six decades of drawing. The companion book assembles a collection of artist sketchbooks entries, poetry manuscripts, and found sketchbooks and scrapbooks.

Contributors: Michael Ballou, Stefan Bohnenberger, Jared Cohen, Brian Dewan, Jeff Dolven, Mark Haley, Douglas Henderson, Tamara Kametani, Timothy Kane, David Kramer, Aaron Kunin, Megan Lane, Nick Lethert, Clement Maze, William McKearn, Katie Merz, Geoffrey Nutter, Amy Jean Porter, David Scher, Melby Grace Scher, Paul Scher, R. K. Scher, Lindsey Peck Scherloum, Jeremy Sigler, Josh Smith, Martin Wilner.

Published 2016 by Plaster of Paris Press, Paperback, 164 Pages, ISBN: 9789000152308, ISBN-10: 9000152305, List Price $20.00.

Available from Labyrinth Books.

Does it Fold? book cover