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For does it fold? multidisciplinary artist David Scher appeared alongside special guests for three nights of performances in September, 2017.

September 7, 2017
  • Musical performances by Sean Eden and O.N.E.M with film screenings by Mike Ballou, Stefan Bohnenberger, and David Scher
September 8
  • Artist talk by David Scher with musical performances by Sean Eden and a performance by O.N.E.M., which will reference Scher’s hand-drawn scores
September 9
  • Poetry readings by Jeff Dolven and Aaron Kunin with a poetry reading and film screening by Brian Dewan and musical performances by Sean Eden and O.N.E.M.

David Scher is known for his intimately-scaled drawings and paintings, each of which contains a world of the artist’s own making.

Sean Eden is a guitarist, composer, producer, and sound designer, who is also a founding member of the New York band Luna.

David Scher, his brother Paul Scher, and Timothy Kane have been performing together as the band O.N.E.M. since 1969.

Mike Ballou is a multidisciplinary Brooklyn-based artist and the founder of Four Walls Slide and Film Club.

Stefan Bohnenberger is a Brussels-based artist and filmmaker known for his provocative, performative approach to drawing and sculpture.

Filmmakers Yoshitaka Kametani (based in London); Douglas Henderson (based in Berlin); Carter Gunn (based in Los Angeles); and Chris Rush (based in San Francisco) have created animated versions of David Scher’s drawings.

Jeff Dolven is a poet and literature scholar whose work focuses on the English Renaissance, New York School, and the relationship between poetry and education. He is currently the Behrman Professor in the Humanities Council at Princeton University.

Aaron Kunin is a poet and literature scholar who has published five books of poetry, including Cold Genius: A Book of Poems, 2014, and The Mandarin, 2008. He is currently an Associate Professor of English at Pomona College where he teaches early modern literature.

Brian Dewan is a multi-media artist whose work spans poetry, painting, film, furniture design, and musical instrument design. He has released a series of short films, entitled I-CAN-SEE Filmstrips, and is one half of the electronic music duo Dewanatron.

Does it Fold? book cover
does it fold?
A series of events held at The Drawing Center, NYC, September 2017, featuring poetry readings, film screenings, and musical performances in dialogue with a pop-up exhibition of David Scher’s sketchbooks and musical scores.
The companion volume to the series is now available from Labyrinth Books.
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november 16 · 7pm
155 suffolk street

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